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4 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Career in the Healthcare Industry

caregiver and elder woman looking each other

With the country’s increasing need for healthcare professionals, it is undeniable that the great demand for workers is needed. There are just too many patients that need personal care but only a few are qualified to render medical service. So, if you are in your first year of college or you already have finished school but still have not found the career that you will love, the healthcare industry might just be perfect for you.

Imagine the kind of work that you do when you work in the medical field. You have the responsibility to take care of the sick. You get to be the helping hand that senior patients need when they feel like they are abandoned by their own kin. These simple things that you do whether inside or outside the operating room can really help many people.

If you are not convinced to choose the healthcare industry yet, here are some reasons you might want to ponder on:

  1. It is in demand

    The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics has projected the increasing demand for healthcare professionals from 2012-2022. Based on their research, there will be a good 29% rise in the healthcare industry in this ten-year projection. You can just imagine the number of jobs that you can choose from in the healthcare industry. Whether you want to be a registered nurse, a certified nurse assistant, caregiver or even a therapist, there will be a lot of job openings that you can choose from. And the best part of this? You need not work in hospitals alone. You can work in home care providers, nursing homes or even private companies that need a medical staff.

    The market of healthcare professionals is in demand for two reasons: there are a lot of senior patients that needs personal care and the senior nurses will retire in the next few years making way for newbies.

  2. You learn while you earn

    When working in the medical field, your knowledge is not stagnant. You will have to constantly learn new things, explore and experiment new ideas. As a healthcare professional, whether as a doctor or a researcher, your primary task is to save and improve the lives of the people. Thus, you are engaged in a never-ending pursuit for better medicines and more advanced technologies that can cure cancer in the most painless way possible. And as you increase your knowledge, you get higher pay as well. You will have the chance to work in prestigious hospitals or your inventions could be used worldwide. That will just make you millions of bucks in a year or so.

  3. You can help save lives

    This is true most of the time. You need not be a doctor in order for you to save a life. Even a caregiver for senior patients can save lives. Caregivers deal with the aged, the sick and even the dying. Their job is not limited to merely assisting the senior patients with their daily activities but they are also their companion. Their presence in the day to day lives of our seniors affects them both physically and mentally. Caregivers like ours at Rocky Hill Adult Day Center & In-Home Care, a premier provider of Home Care and Companionship for Seniors in Rocky Hill, CT, always have a care plan for each patient. We make sure that our senior patients get to move once in a while and exercise their cognitive skills as well. In this manner, they are less prone to depression and diseases.

  4. Your work is not routinary

    Today if you are a healthcare professional, your job is not restricted to hospital work alone. This time, you have the option whether to work in a hospital, in a public or private home health care provider, clinics or in private companies. Thus, your tasks are varied. Sometimes you will be assigned to a particular patient and you have to create a personalized care plan for them. And in each care plan that you make, you will also do those things in the plan together with your patient. Indeed, rendering service to another is fun. You just have to be creative and vigilant as to the activities you let your patients do to avoid health complications or accidents.

Bored of your current job? Wanting to have a career shift? Why not try homecare? This might be that one job that will give you a fulfilling and meaningful career.

If you are interested in joining our enthusiastic team of caregivers, visit us at Rocky Hill Adult Day Center & In-Home Care. For information, please check our website at or call us at 860-372-4656.

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