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Category Archives: Homemaker Companion

Keeping Seniors Safe in the Kitchen

For seniors who have opted to age gracefully within the comforts of their own homes, it is normal for them to want to be able to function normally around their household. This includes being able to work in the kitchen like preparing their own meal or cleaning up. This can be risky and dangerous, especially … Continue reading

Dealing With A Senior’s Mental Health

Every senior citizen out there is technically a war veteran. No, it is not just because some of them may have actually fought in wars but because they, like everyone else out there, have fought the kinds of battles no one may have really known about. They have fought the daily battles of surviving, loving, … Continue reading

Our Mother Who Never Became Our Mom

“Who is your hero?” Have you experienced answering this question in front of your grade school teacher or friends? Probably, what must have come to your mind when you were younger was Superman, Spiderman or Batman. But here is a story of a niece of one among Rocky Hill Adult Day Center & In-Home Care’s … Continue reading

Fun Things to Do with Elderly

Getting older does not necessarily mean that life should also be boring and less meaningful. It would all boil down to perception – when you think you can’t, you could not, but if you think you are capable of making things possible, then you would. Are you finding it hard to think of how you … Continue reading

Seven Ways to Improve the Relationship Between a Caregiver and His Patient

The relationship between a caregiver and patient can usually be challenging and tenuous. Home care and companionship for seniors in Rocky Hill, CT can be a stressful setting which often includes great disability or illness and within this, temper can easily flare. But this is unfortunate as a caregiver-patient relationship is essential for a quality … Continue reading

Eight Ways to Minimize your Risk for Falls

Everybody may fall. Often, younger people can experience minor injuries or none at all. But among seniors, falls are a different story. Falls are quite common among older adults and these can happen for many reasons like poor eyesight, infections, muscle weakness, home hazards, and balance or walking issues. Falls cause fatal injuries and can … Continue reading