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Fun Things to Do with Elderly

staff assisting elder man in walking

Getting older does not necessarily mean that life should also be boring and less meaningful. It would all boil down to perception – when you think you can’t, you could not, but if you think you are capable of making things possible, then you would.

Are you finding it hard to think of how you could help spice up your elderly loved one’s life? Rocky Hill Adult Day Center & In-Home Care had figured it out for you.

Activities for the Brain

  1. Conversations. The brain of a person aging sixty and above becomes stagnant without brain exercise. And talking to the elderly just about anything is one of the most effective exercises to a person’s nerve cells. How about making it a habit to talk with your elderly loved one for at least ten minutes a day? You might be surprised how your loved one’s cognitive skills will improve.
  2. Listening to Music. Another secret of most elderly who have survived trying years of the first phase of seniority is incorporating music into their lives. Whether your elderly loved ones are good at singing or not, whether they love listening to whatever type of songs or not, you should still encourage them to listen to music from time to time. Music creates a feeling in a person and it brings back memories which might have already been buried deep in the pits of the farthest corner of one’s brain.
  3. Creating Art. Indeed, we cannot escape the fact that not everyone is gifted with the talent to create art or apply it in any manner which would be appreciated by most. But are you aware that the simple activity of drawing or coloring already stimulates the brain cells and make them function more efficiently? So anyone can create art and exercise one’s brain through it. All an elderly would need is just a little amount of imagination and creativity.

Activities for the Body

  1. Gardening. Actually, gardening is not just totally an activity for one’s physique because it will also improve one’s ability to control emotion. Having a large lawn will be an advantage, but having none will not make it impossible for you to start this hobby because you can always try a relatively simpler and easier method of gardening – windowsill gardening. So if you live with an elderly at home, gift them with a gardening kit to add fun and excitement to their days.
  2. Fishing. This activity would be loved most by elderly Dads or Granddads. If you haven’t gone fishing with your big man for a while, you can make it more intimate by going to the nearest lake with only the two of you or with your sons. But if you have observed that your father has not gone out with friends in a long while, you can invite his friends or everybody in the family and have a fishing party with everyone to make it more social.
  3. Walking. There’s no easier way to exercise than to go on walking at a peaceful park. Your parents have to stretch their arms and legs too, and this exercise would be the safest way to do it. Taking 500 to 1000 steps every day would already be a good way to exercise their physique.

These are just simple things which you can do for your elderly loved ones. Your distance and busy schedule should not hinder you from taking steps to make their life healthier and more enjoyable. If circumstances won’t allow you to be with them, you can always hire services like Home Care and Companionship for Seniors in Rocky Hill, CT.

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