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How Animal Companionship Can Be Beneficial For The Elderly?

man and dog

It is certainly true that there is that warm fuzzy feeling whenever you get to be with animals. Have you been so excited about visiting your friends in their homes just to see their dogs or cats get onto your lap? Certainly, animals do spike up the dopamine in your body, such that you get that happy and innervating feeling. Not only are these animals able to bring happiness as they snake their way into your feet, but they are also those who are fun to bring with for a walk or a short jog around the village. It is for this reason that animals are thought to bring positive impact to your holistic health.

It comes as no surprise that animals are even prescribed by physicians. Yes, you read that right! There are companion animals which physicians prescribe so as to help in the well-being of a person needing such a unique treatment. Can you imagine going to a doctor for a visit, and receiving the prescription which read as, “pet the dog three times a day?” Well, it happens. It was long found out that these furry critters do help in decreasing anxiety especially for the elderly.

Physical Benefits of A Pet

In a survey conducted for the elderly, about 71% were feeling physically better when they have animals around them, compared to the 29% of those who don’t. This can be attributed to the fact that these little canines and felines can be taken around for a walk, enabling the elderly to stretch their muscles and bones. With the increase in the frequency of doing exercise, comes the fact that it can lead to a decrease in the susceptibility of being prone to coronary disease. Definitely, there are so many physical advantages you get when you have a companion pet. In fact, Home Care and Companionship for Seniors in Rocky Hill, CT is encouraging the residents to have a pet which they can take good care of inside the facility.

To further elucidate the importance of pets for the elderly’s health, there is a study conducted in most Australian households which revealed the fact that pet can contribute to family health savings. Total savings in a year based on those who participated in the research amounted to a staggering Au$790 million to over Au$1.5 billion! Can you imagine how much you are going to save when you have a pet with you?

Pets Impact on Mental Well-being

The most obvious benefit you get would be seen on your mental health status. Pets do provide a special level of companionship, such that they are those that can easily ward away any feelings of loneliness and even depression. For those elderly who have problems with mobility, they are more predisposed to social and emotional challenges as they become even more isolated with their peers due to their condition, thus having a pet will certainly offset the feelings brought about by isolation as the pets can evoke happy emotions to the elderly. It is imperative that you get a pet to take care of, so that you will not feel so barren, and that you get the chance to focus and channel your energy into something as lovable as a dog.

It is without a doubt that these companion animals bring so much joy and happiness to those elderly that are going to have it with them. It is for this reason that in your senior years, you should try getting a cat or a dog so that you can always be relieved from any physical, social, emotional challenges that would come as a result of aging.


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