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Our Mother Who Never Became Our Mom

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“Who is your hero?”

Have you experienced answering this question in front of your grade school teacher or friends? Probably, what must have come to your mind when you were younger was Superman, Spiderman or Batman. But here is a story of a niece of one among Rocky Hill Adult Day Center & In-Home Care’s care benefactors.

Maybe, it was only later when you realized what the real meaning of “hero” is.

And if I were to answer the same question, I would tell the whole world about my Aunt who saved us from being homeless and from a dark future.

Our Aunt

Our aunt was a school teacher who never had a husband. Our older cousins said that she fell in love once, but her man went somewhere else to look for greener pastures but came back to their locality with a family. Our aunt might have never moved on from that because she was never seen dating another man since then.

She is a strong and strict woman. I would never forget how she would scold us whenever we would be playing “It” in the small grocery she owns. But she loved all of us – her nieces and nephews. In fact, she would sew identical dresses for the girls and shirts for the boys every Christmas and would require all of us to wear it simultaneously.

She Became Our Mother

She was the eldest among the six children and all her siblings, including my mom, got married and had children. Mom died with their father in a shipwreck and our father married another woman with whom he had five other children. So both our Mom and Dad left us behind – our eldest sister was only 15 years old then and I, the youngest, was seven.

We never knew where to go, but our Aunt came to save us. She brought us to her home. During the first night at her house, she gave each of us a pillow and said, “Don’t you dare wet that pillow with your tears. Salty water will make it dirty and you won’t have another one to sleep on.” Believing in her words, I would always stop myself from crying every time I go to sleep even if I missed Mom and Dad so much.

Looking back at it now, I realized that it was her way to train us and stop us from being too lonely over our Mom’s demise.

We Survived because of Her

I know it is not easy to raise five kids with a meager income. I should know because I already have four kids now and it is very difficult to junk all expenses in despite the fact that both me and my husband are earning. But my Aunt never made us feel how difficult it was.

Although our Aunt is not the type of person who shows her affection too passionately, she was able to make us feel loved. She has never forgotten a single year of all our birthdays, nor was she absent in our graduation days. She was never lacking.

But She Wants to Remain as Our “Aunt”

Our aunt would always refer to us as her nieces and nephews. She never said we were her child. A decade ago, I thought she has never started to love us as her own children and that she just felt that it was her responsibility to take care of us so she raised and clothed us. However, I was wrong.

Years later, I accidentally heard her conversation with her brother. Uncle asked her, “Why haven’t you decided to adopt them or at least let them call you Mom?”

Aunt answered, “I could never be their mom, and I would want to remain as their aunt. I would never want them to forget our sister as their Mom.”

And I admired her then, even more. How could she be so selfless?”

How about you, what is your story with your senior loved one? Give your most trusted Home Care and Companionship for Seniors in Rocky Hill, CT, Rocky Hill Adult Day Center & In-Home Care, a glimpse of your most memorable moments with them by leaving your comments below.

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