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Tag Archives: Companion

Seven Ways to Improve the Relationship Between a Caregiver and His Patient

The relationship between a caregiver and patient can usually be challenging and tenuous. Home care and companionship for seniors in Rocky Hill, CT can be a stressful setting which often includes great disability or illness and within this, temper can easily flare. But this is unfortunate as a caregiver-patient relationship is essential for a quality … Continue reading

Eight Ways to Minimize your Risk for Falls

Everybody may fall. Often, younger people can experience minor injuries or none at all. But among seniors, falls are a different story. Falls are quite common among older adults and these can happen for many reasons like poor eyesight, infections, muscle weakness, home hazards, and balance or walking issues. Falls cause fatal injuries and can … Continue reading

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Career in the Healthcare Industry

With the country‚Äôs increasing need for healthcare professionals, it is undeniable that the great demand for workers is needed. There are just too many patients that need personal care but only a few are qualified to render medical service. So, if you are in your first year of college or you already have finished school … Continue reading